Diecast Hall of Fame - Inductees

CJ welcomes everyone to the inaugural Diecast Hall of Fame.


DCS admins present CJ with a gift of appreciation.

"Japan" George

Shane Whittenbarger

Roy Nakamura

Bruce Pascal

Vince "V-Man" Mosley

Jimmy "Boxman" Chavez

Larry Wood

Dave Chang

Luis Tanahara

Tom Daniel

Carson Lev

George Barris


Chris "Night Stalker" Walker                                The sons of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth



2009 Diecast Hall of Fame Inductees

   Intriguing Collectors

     =   "Japan" George
     =   Shane Whittenbarger
     =   Roy Nakamura
     =   Bruce Pascal

   Diecast Customizers

     =   Sheri Abbey
     =   Vince "V-Man" Mosley
     =   Jimmy "The Boxman" Chavez
     =   Chris "Night Stalker" Walker

   Diecast Historians

     =   Joe Kelly, Jr.
     =   Mike Zarnock
     =   Bob Parker
     =   Elliot Handler
   Diecast Designers

     =   John Lasseter
     =   Tom Long
     =   Dave Chang
     =   Luis Tanahara
     =   Tom Zahorsky
     =   Tom Daniel
     =   Carson Lev
     =   Larry Wood
   Automotive Legends

     =   Ed "Big Daddy" Roth
     =   Boyd Coddington
     =   Chip Foose
     =   George Barris
   RAOK Award

     =   Jerry Yates
   Lifetime Achievement Award

     =   Carroll Shelby

Diecast Hall of Fame - Inductees

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